Real Estate

Our Real Estate Practice Group has the flexibility and reach to handle real estate investments and developments in Turkey and around the world.

We structure investments carefully to limit exposure and foster responsible tax and regulatory compliance. Across the full spectrum of real estate services we provide integrated regulatory, tax, finance and environment advice, drawing from years of experience representing real estate investors, developers, managers and financiers.

We can help you swiftly respond to opportunities and risks in a rapidly shifting global property market. We have an unrivalled network to strategically manage property investments and regularly act on significant individual transactions and large portfolio transactions.

Our practice includes:

  • Construction projects
  • Real estate development, planning and land use
  • Real estate investment trusts and funds (REITs)
  • Hotels, shopping malls, resorts and tourism
  • Property tax
  • Environmental laws and regulations
  • Build-operate-transfer agreements
  • Lease agreements
  • Usufruct rights
  • Contaminated land
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