Labor & Social Security Law

Gönenli Partners, is involved in all aspects of labor law, including but not limited to social security law.

The Law Firm provides complete and tailor-made assistance to its clients at every stage of relations between employers and employees. Our attorneys are able to support the clients on a daily basis in the decision-making process in the area of labor law, but they also assist their clients in long-term projects and they anticipate all sorts of potential difficulties.

The Firm had the opportunity to assist clients from all commercial and industrial sectors. The Firm represents and advises clients on all aspects of labor law, including:

  • Drafting and amending the contracts of employment (updating, negotiation)
  • Salary and wage,
  • Tax, Benefits, Pensions, Holidays;
  • Relationships with Trade Union,
  • Health and safety at work,
  • Working hours,
  • Privacy of the employees,
  • Protection of the confidential data,
  • Discriminations,
  • Outsourcing,
  • Restructuring and dismissals,
  • Collective and individual dismissals (motivation, procedure),
  • Re-employment,
  • Transfer of employees by the assignment of business and redeployment,
  • Resignations.

Gönenli Partners advises clients to prevent litigation, negotiate agreements and draft contracts of employment, as well as the transactions. The firm advises clients in connection with issues and disputes regarding the interpretation, implementation and termination of the employment contracts.

Our attorneys also carries due diligences of contracts and other documents related to the labor law in order to enable their clients to comply with Turkish legal requirements and to use the legal instruments tailored to their industries.

Gönenli Partners is there to help you with all sorts of injury claims, once and for all.
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