Energy & Mining Law

Gönenli Partners renders consultancy services on production, transmission and financing with regard to electricity, wind, natural gas and renewable energy such as biomass, bio fuel and solar energy.

The main fields of activity in the industry are: energy plants, petrol, gas and mining. Specialized in agreements in the energy industry, Gönenli Partners has also participated in important privatizations in the field as a legal consultant.

Our practice includes:

  • Any license applications and their amendments with regard to the energy market
  • Executing any procedure with regard to the Turkish EPDK (Energy Market Regulatory Authority)
  • Establishing energy companies, drafting due diligence reports and conducting share transfers
  • Forming Emission Reduction Purchase Agreements (ERPA)
  • Drafting Concession Agreements
  • Drafting Drilling and Rehabilitation Agreements
  • Drafting Production Sharing Agreements
  • Drafting Tax Distribution Agreements
  • Drafting License Agreements
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