Solution-Oriented Legal Services.

Our law firm offers legal services with a solution-oriented approach. Our expert team provides effective solutions to the legal problems encountered by our clients, contributing to the protection of their rights and the establishment of justice. For trustworthy legal consultancy and support in your legal processes, you can rely on us.

We Overcome Your Problems Together.

Our law firm works together with our expert team to overcome the issues faced by our clients. We adopt a solution-oriented approach to provide you with reliable legal consultancy and support for your problems. We emphasize the importance of working together to ensure justice is served and your rights are protected.

We Provide Legal Support with Our Expert Team.

Our law firm provides support in various legal matters with our expert team. We contribute to the establishment of justice by approaching your problems with a solution-oriented mindset. We prioritize safeguarding your rights by offering reliable and professional legal consultancy services. We are here to stand by you throughout your legal processes.


Gönenli & Partners Law Office was founded in 2018 by attorney Y. Nail Gönenli, who is registered with the Istanbul Bar Association.

The office is located in Levent, one of the most important commercial districts of Istanbul and the center of commercial life.

Our law firm provides high-quality, fast, accurate, and reliable legal consultancy and dispute resolution services in various areas of law. With our experienced, energetic, and qualified team of attorneys, we offer up-to-date, fast, and effective solutions with a results-oriented approach to both domestic and foreign clients in national and international fields, covering the ever-changing and current legal needs.

In order to provide the best services in all areas of law, our office closely monitors current legal developments and changing legislation, adhering to professional ethics and societal values, and providing tailored services to individual and corporate clients’ needs.

Our aim is to add value to our clients’ business life through discipline, expertise, and regular follow-up, and to target sustainable success with the right values, work culture, and principles.



Gönenli Partners was established in 2018. Since its inception, it has become one of Turkey's leading full-service law firms, offering a wide range of high-quality legal services to both domestic and international companies.

While providing representation and consultancy services to our clients, we act in line with universal ethical and legal values, the fundamental principles and obligations of the legal profession (Independence, Freedom, Confidentiality, Loyalty to the Client, Fairness, Justice, Self-regulation, Respect for the Rule of Law and Fair Administration of Justice, Integrity and Honor of the Legal Profession, Diligence, Continuous Learning, Innovation and Technology, Collaboration, Leadership, Scientificity, Value Creation, Productivity, Sustainability, etc.).

  • To establish relationships with our clients based on mutual respect and trust, within the framework of societal values and legal principles.
  • To demonstrate a focused approach to legal issues.
  • To resolve legal disputes not only through litigation and contention but also through reconciliation, aiming for the fastest and most effective resolution when necessary.
  • To maintain the confidentiality of information shared with us by the client – such as private personal information and highly valuable trade secrets – within the concepts of trust, confidentiality, and privacy.
  • To successfully complete the tasks we undertake in a timely manner, without being discouraged by challenges.
  • To focus on success and continuously strive for improvement.
  • To resolve legal disputes within the framework of existing laws, through lawful and valid solutions.

To contribute to the increase of respect and belief in justice and law, by defending the rights and freedoms of our clients professionally and with mutual respect and business ethics. We aim to provide our clients with quality service by closely following and implementing all developments and changes in our legal system on their behalf; to work with a vision that is respectable, honest, reliable, contemporary, proactive, and successful for the realization of justice.To defend the rights of individuals and institutions in the best way possible and to assist in the execution of their transactions within the framework of the rule of law and the principle of justice. We aim to contribute meaningfully to the development and growth of legal culture and consciousness, and strive to be a distinguished Law Firm capable of interpreting and evaluating national and global developments, closely interested in national and world issues.

Meet Your

With our unique culture, we approach our clients’ needs with a pragmatic, friendly and sensitive nature.
Many of our teams are recognised leaders in their field, others highly ranked in the legal directories.

Y. Nail Gönenli

Gönenli is a graduate of Saint Benoit High School and Bilgi University Law Faculty.

Aysu Atioğlu

Ms. Atioğlu graduated from Istanbul Kültür University, Faculty of Law.

Burcu Polat

Ms. Polat graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Law.

Administration & Tax Law

We understand the intricacies of taxation, including tax planning, transfer pricing and other indirect tax matters like litigation and dispute resolution.

Banking & Finance Law

Our Banking & Finance practice has a strong local team of eight lawyers, experienced and insightful to guide you through today's complex financial markets.

Consumer Law

Gönenli Partners specializes in consumer law, providing services related to the Law on Consumer Protection, Law of Obligations, Commercial Law

Corporate Law

Corporate law and maintenance is one of our main practice areas. We provide a wide range of services, from incorporating joint stock companies,

Criminal Law

Our criminal practice focuses on keeping our clients out of jail and keeping your criminal record clear. There are lawyers for every conceivable legal problem.

Energy & Mining Law

Gönenli Partners renders consultancy services on production, transmission and financing with regard to electricity, wind, natural gas and renewable energy

Execution & Bankruptcy

Gönenli Partners, has significant experience in the field of debt enforcement and bankruptcy law. Gönenli Partners carries out comprehensive...
Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
Providing services to both national and international clients, Gönenli Partners of ...

Labor & Social Security Law

Gönenli Partners, is involved in all aspects of labor law, including but not limited to social security law.
Litigation & Dispute Resolution
Our Dispute Resolution Practice Group comprises two teams.

Press & Media Law

Gönenli & Partners provides legal consultancy services to media agencies within various media groups and mass media representatives,
Real Estate
Our Real Estate Practice Group has the flexibility and reach to handle real estate investments and developments in Turkey and around the world.

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